The objects of the corporation are:

  • Foster friendship and contact between the Portuguese community, the Portuguese-speaking community and friends of Portugal in general.
  • To promote and foster the civic, cultural, educational, social and moral welfare of the Portuguese community in Northwestern Ontario;
  • Organize social, cultural, and recreational events of general interest to our members and the wider Singaporean community, predominantly related to Portugal and Portuguese traditions.
  • To foster, promote and perpetuate a spirit of generous consideration among the peoples of Northwestern Ontario through an awareness of the “finest cultural elements in traditions and history of the Portuguese people.”
  • Foster understanding between Portuguese and Portuguese speaking communities, the friends of Portugal, and the broader community of Thunder Bay. 
  • Bring awareness of the Portuguese heritage to the younger members of the Portuguese community, other communities that share the same language, friends of Portugal and the wider Thunder Bay community.

More than 1,000 people in the Thunder Bay area proudly identify as Portuguese and there are over 160 official members of the Portuguese Association of Thunder Bay. Together this community continues to thrive and to this day still lives up to the elegant words of a former board member: “We are a group of immigrants who have worked hard all our lives, and we always wanted to preserve our language and customs, at the same time being honest citizens of this community.”

Whether you are a Portuguese citizen, a Portuguese speaker, or a friend of Portugal residing in Thunder Bay, you are welcome to join our community!

For Newcomers – If you are a professional who just moved to Thunder Bay, the association provides a way to stay connected, learn more about Portuguese culture, make new friends, and build a support network to navigate life.

For Families – Founded by parents who wanted their kids to continue the Portuguese traditions for years, the association strongly focuses on activities that expose kids to Portuguese history and culture.